In 2006, the AUSY Group launched the following three-year strategic development plans: the Cap Plan 2009, the Avenir Plan stage 1 and more recently, the Avenir Plan stage 2. Following the success of these development plans, the AUSY Group has changed dimension and has positioned itself as a key European leader in Consulting and Engineering in Advanced Technologies. Since 2006, the Group has quadrupled in size, in turnover and in workforce and has acquired a presence in 10 countries. In total, the Group’s turnover has multiplied by more than 5 and international activities by 7, in only eleven years. 

These three-year plans are a continuation of our global strategy that aims to develop the Group’s position by drawing on its capacity to innovate and to anticipate the needs of major clients both abroad and in France. 

The Group’s development is focused on two points: business expertise and international deployment, with a strong desire to achieve a balance between our activities. 





Avenir 2012: a change in dimension 

In 2012, AUSY successfully achieved the strategic objectives of stage 1 of the AVENIR Plan by doubling its turnover and workforce in 3 years, through a combination of organic and external growth. This 3-year strategic plan was marked by 5 major acquisitions in France and abroad, as well as the creation of AUSY Technologies India Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary in India.

2nd stage of the AVENIR Plan 2012-2015: increasing international activity

In 2013, the AUSY Group launched its 3rd three-year strategic plan, AVENIR stage 2 whose principal objective was to double international activity. This objective was reached in 2015. 

The AVENIR 2015 Plan featured a significant expansion of the Group’s international presence with major acquisitions and/or acquisition of equity interests, notably in Germany (VITM, Pentasys), Belgium (CrossCheck), Romania (AUSY Technologies Romania) and, more recently, the acquisition of Celerity in the United States. 


The Group’s extremely rapid growth is driven by its continuous striving to strike a balance, which has become AUSY’s strength. It applies to both the distribution of work between its two core businesses, Information Systems and Industrial Systems, as well as its growth, generated in equal measure by internal development and acquisitions. 



The Group’s ability to deepen its international footprint is a key aspect of AUSY’s strategy in the coming years. An international presence meets the need for clients to reconcile proximity, added value, quality and cost optimisation by working with a single partner. The acquisitions made since 2011 have enabled the Group to expand its geographical coverage in Spain, Germany, India and more recently the United States.



Partnerships play a vital role in AUSY’s strategy. Certain partners such as Atkins strengthen AUSY’s international reach to support its global clients. Others, such as the Lacroix Group allow AUSY to position itself further up in its clients’ value chain and to support them in optimising their production activities. 

By deploying its engineers’ talents at an international level and by positioning itself as a strategic partner for major projects in digital transformation and research in new products and services, the AUSY Group accompanies its clients in their approach to achieving optimisation and high standards.