Since 2008, the Group has been established in Romania through its subsidiary AUSY Technologies Romania. This organisation allows its clients to reduce R&D costs and thus optimise ROI. AUSY possesses indisputable skills in the development of real-time embedded systems for the telecommunications sector.

AUSY Technologies Romania works with clients on a vast range of projects across diverse industries, among which Automotive, Transportation, Security, Telecommunications, Aeronautics, Space Industry, Defense, Energy, Healthcare, IT and Banking, Multimedia and many more.

How do they really make the difference? It’s all about their team!

AUSY Technologies Romania is founded on the excellence of their engineers and they consider their crew to be their most valuable asset. 

Their Agile software team consists of over 200 highly skilled specialists. They rely their success on their talented, determined and creative colleagues.

Ausy’s culture encourages their people to innovate, challenge, explore and grow!

They are dedicated to provide the best features based on their partners' needs, to integrate and manage the right mix of services for a hybrid customized solution. Their goal is to keep the quality of their expertise at a top level and keep their partners’ costs in the right balance.

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Fields of expertise :

  • Embedded Systems : Avionics, Automotive ; Telecommunication, Transportation, Iot and many more ;
  • Web Application Development ;  
  • Information Systems ;
  • Infrastructures. 


AUSY Romania



Sectors of activity :

Banking and InsuranceTelecommunications and IT - Multimedia – Transportation - Aeronautics

Healthcare - Automotive - Energy - Defense and Security - Space Industry

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 healthcare automotive energy defense-and-security space-industry



11 Doamna Stanca St.
557260 Şelimbăr, Sibiu County
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AUSY Technologies Romania
Dacia Boulevard
No. 153-155, 4th Floor
030167 Bucharest
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