Technical news

13 February 2018
Increasingly automated sites, interconnected machines, systems and products, “modules” capable of adapting themselves practically in real-time to consumer demands: digital transformation in industry, particularly dynamic in Germany, has established itself as a vital economic issue. Although humans will not be removed entirely from the equation, their roles will evolve extensively. Explanations and examples with Pierre-Sylvain Roos, expert on these subjects within the Group.
points de fonction
6 September 2017
Check out AUSY’s new booklet, which offers a thorough review on the subject…
Drupal 8.4 AUSY
9 August 2017
Every six months, the Drupal community launches new functionalities, meaning a major change in Drupal 8. While Drupal 7 has never had new functionalities, Drupal 8 has already had three important updates, with Drupal 8.1, Drupal 8.2 and Drupal 8.3. We now begin to have a clear vision of what we can expect in Drupal 8.4.
27 June 2017
In 2017, UX Design plays, more than ever, an important role in the client journey with a variety of connected devices.
20 June 2017
The aeronautics and space sectors are sectors of the future which will encounter important growth. Since 1989, AUSY has positioned itself as a consulting and engineering company with top expertise.
Cyber Security
19 May 2017
Recently, a very large cyberattack affected close to 200,000 computers in a hundred countries, which included numerous French businesses and industrial infrastructures.