Technical news

Image d'un paysage en 3D sortant de l'écran d'un smartphone
10 October 2019
Python is a slow language. That is a fact. But it remains very widely used for large-scale projects. Let’s look at why...
test de performance
3 October 2019
Let’s take a tour of the various performance tests that exist...
realite virtuelle banner
26 September 2019
At AUSY’s innovation hub, several projects are chosen each year to be developed by the Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality team.
UX UI ergonomie
18 September 2019
Feedback about UX-UI practices from our teams in the field!
test de performance
11 July 2019
The quality of a computer tool is defined by ISO9126 & 25000 standards based on six criteria. Functional tests cover the "functional capacity" and "ease of use" criteria. Technical tests assess the “reliability, yield, maintainability and portability” of the system. Through this article, we are more specifically interested in the performance test which covers some of the technical test criteria.
3 July 2019
Application to opinion mining in microblogs and social media In this technical update, Jihen Karoui presents her recently published book.