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24 December 2019
With this fourth instalment, our analytics overview reaches its conclusion. We have seen that they are capable of processing and incorporating all kinds of data; from quantitative data through to video, including text and voice, or a combination of all of the above. They have developed into very sophisticated, highly specialised analysis systems. What now remains is for us to examine techniques that are perhaps a little more mathematical or conceptual. Some may be old, yet are still widely used; while others foreshadow a new generation of complex analytics systems... by Pierre-Sylvain Roos
12 December 2019
In the first and second parts of this article, we saw how analytics have succeeded in encompassing all aspects of the data generated worldwide. Using quantitative data, analytics have managed to penetrate the various forms of media available: text, speech and voice, sound, image and video. Using these different forms in combination has even led to the development of sophisticated systems capable of interpreting human emotions. But this didn't go far enough, and for certain types of problem, there was a further need to develop highly specific analytics. This is what we will set out to show you in this third instalment... By Pierre-Sylvain Roos
5 December 2019
In Part 1 of our article, we looked at the different ways in which analytics have taken hold of data. Based on calculations and comparisons of quantitative data, we are seeing a development towards data mining and information retrieval. As a corollary, analysis techniques incorporate text, speech and voice – but that’s only the beginning. Development continues at a pace, with the next stage sure to incorporate sight and image, followed in turn by the ability to use all these media forms in combination... by Pierre-Sylvain Roos
17 analytics pour transformer votre organisation, AUSY
28 November 2019
A complete overview of the most commonly used techniques for analysing and valuing data by Pierre-Sylvain Roos
AUSY - Langage de Programmation Python
13 November 2019
A secure language...
Solutions 3D Temps Réel, AUSY, Actualités Techniques
23 October 2019
For several years now, software programmes enabling real-time 3D solutions have been seriously developed becoming indispensable for video-game developers, as well as manufacturers who use them to develop innovative solutions notably with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (e.g. the driving simulator we wrote about a few weeks back).