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L’ergonomie et l’expérience utilisateur appliqués à la réalité virtuelle
26 February 2020
User experience has become a hot topic in society, whatever the sector of business. A website’s user experience has a major impact on your audience’s loyalty and your ability to attract new visitors. If a visitor easily finds the information they are looking for, if the loading speed is acceptable, if the site is well built, then they will want to stay on your site and come back regularly. However, a bad user experience will cause your readers or your customers to flee. It is the same for your mobile apps or software more generally.
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12 February 2020
In the last two years, the Design System concept has been an extremely hot topic.
29 January 2020
Companies are increasingly dreading the risks of cyberattacks in 2020. In order to validate the quality and resilience of their various protection tools, some firms have set up penetration tests.
22 January 2020
For the 12th edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC in French) 2020, AUSY will once again take part in the forensic challenges. AUSY’s know-how will be represented by 6 of our cyber security experts.
15 January 2020
As with any new major release worth its salt, it is expected that it will offer new features. And Drupal 8.8 is no exception.
2 January 2020
Knowing how to work with Function Points is a must in any company. They help control the costs of your legacy applications and calculate their value. Serge Leblond reviews the use of this metric.