Technical news

20 October 2021
In recent years, the very usefulness of testers has been called into question with the emergence of automation and the advent of agility. The arrival of DevOps, coupled with software craftsmanship, the recent emergence of agility-at-scale and built-in-quality (building quality into the product rather than checking it after the fact) have also raised a lot of questions concerning the position and role of the tester.
6 October 2021
A well-working failure culture is important in all industries today. However, especially in IT-related companies, where knowledge work is performed, it is becoming increasingly important. Large, complex projects and products, some of which are developed by large, sometimes globally-distributed and interdisciplinary teams – it is almost impossible to avoid failures. A well-working failure culture creates an atmosphere of trust here for all involved (employees and superiors), in which the discovery of failures is perceived as something positive. It is the basis for innovation and successful teamwork.
21 September 2021
"Artificial intelligence" (AI) has become a buzzword in many technology-related communications these days. Autonomous cars, autonomous buses, autonomous planes, drones, robotics, traffic management, smart city, predictive maintenance, etc. are few things that are alluded to when talking about AI. It seems futuristic, although it may be surprising to find that AI is already part of the past and present, and that we are surrounded by it in our daily lives. 
20 April 2021
There is no doubt that agile methodologies are now present in most companies. From "hip start-up" to global companies, from the automotive industry to banks and government departments, hardly any company has ignored new methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban. The "State of Agile" report states that already 97% of companies are already using these methods. (
26 October 2020
With the current pandemic, an unprecedented wave of cybercrime is flooding the entire world, with a major risk of Data Breaches in the form of theft, corruption, or hijacking of critical data. To take stock of this unprecedented situation, OAKland Group, an expert specialist in Data Privacy and Data Protection, and the AUSY group’s cybersecurity division present their views.
25 September 2020
In the previous article, we defined what a pentest was and when to carry it out, how to target it well to increase its added value and how to prepare it internally before the exchanges with the service provider who will carry it out.