7 December 2015
For this new edition of L Trophy, AUSY sponsors 6 teams from several different French engineering schools for this unforgettable humanitarian and personal adventure.
Inbound Marketing Day
2 December 2015
Our Belgian subsidiary ONE Agency will organise its first Inbound Marketing Day in Belgium on Thursday 3rd December, with its partners Dallas and Oracle.
AUSY cap majeur à l'international
20 November 2015
AUSY strengthens its international presence with the acquisition of Celerity, a company based in Virginia with 9 sites across the United States.
Drupal Camp 2015
5 November 2015
ONE Agency will sponsor the DrupalCamp in Leuven
2 November 2015
Visit NovaComm’s new website, developed with DRUPAL technology.
Blend Web Mix
27 October 2015
AUSY will take part in BlendWebMix, a Francophone web conference which will take place from 28th to 29th October in Lyon.