29 August 2018
AUSY gets started again with two evening events dedicated to digital infrastructure business lines as part of the "AUSY Career Booster Tour" in France's Grand Ouest region.
1 August 2018
Kristof’s career demonstrates that our subsidiary in Belgium, AUSY, a Randstad company, wants to invest in the skills development of its interns. A former AUSY intern, Kristof works as a project manager.
Challenge 24H Innov'Handicap
19 July 2018
At the end of June, AUSY participated in the Challenge 24H Innov’Handicap, organised by the university EPF-Ecole d’Ingénieur-e-s. This challenge brought together 400 engineering students from the school’s three campuses of Sceaux, Montpellier and Troyes. Their challenge was to find innovative solutions for improving the daily life of people with disabilities.
27 June 2018
400,000. That’s the number of people who are victims of burn injuries in France each year, of which 9,000 are hospitalised. It’s a shocking number, because it is rare to see serious burn victims in public spaces. From feelings of unease, fear of others’ glances and of rejection, many isolate themselves. The organisation Burns and Smiles was created in order to help these people in their daily struggle.
20 June 2018
AUSY is organising an events roadshow dedicated to positions in digital infrastructure. The AUSY Career Booster Tour has the objective of hiring 300 engineers and consultants by the end of 2018.
24 May 2018
Fascinated by new technologies and innovation, Anthony, a consultant at AUSY, enjoys sharing his knowledge. Between conducting training sessions, editing and publishing works, he tells us about the passions that invigorate him.