Doctors without borders and Drupal

Médecins sans frontières et leur projet Drupal
A common platform, multiple uses
Domain of expertise
Web development, Multi-site, Drupal CMS, Operational support
Sector of activity
Governmental and European Institutions
Doctors Without Borders is a non-government organisation which experienced a digital transformation in 2011-2012. The organisation counts 30 independent donor nations. Previously each country had its own website its own technology, its own service provider and made use of several platforms. 
The organisation's websites were diverse, content could not be exchanged and the quality was variable. 
When campaigns were launched from the social head office in Geneva, information was sent to other countries by email and had to be adapted manually for local campaigns. The process was therefore slow, required costly resources and resulted in errors. 
Furthermore, the websites were not able to reach their full conversion potential like those of other non-profit organisations.
Firstly, it is necessary to share information concerning international campaigns. As a result, the client wished to put in place a unique platform that would facilitate operations.
The client also hoped to evolve towards a model that allowed all websites to be created in a homogeneous way, with rationalised content, a particular focus on user experience and conversion rates in order to increase donations. 
The new system therefore had to meet these requirements of the organisation. 
Solutions & results
AUSY developed a powerful, multi-site DRUPAL platform with a particular focus on user experience. With DRUPAL it is possible to create homogenous websites that places particular importance on the user. This results in an optimised conversion rate and an increase in donations.
The new system with DRUPAL technology has improved fluidity, efficacy and reliability. Information is centralised in Geneva and then pushed to local sites, allowing projects to be managed globally. Thanks to DRUPAL, a workflow has been established that allows the client to manage the localisation and translation of content and to roll out communication campaigns in each region. Publications are created using a standardised format and local payment methods are adapted to each country using specific templates dedicated to this operation. 
The redesign of the new platform allows teams from Doctors Without Borders to develop their expertise. In this way, the organisation is now able to manage transverse projects, to consolidate web traffic data and to correlate this with advertising and messages diffused through digital media channels (TV, cinema, social media) particularly concerning online donations. Furthermore, a new feature has been integrated that enables users to make regular donations. 
Finally, Doctors Without Borders has noticed considerable benefits with a greater economy of scale which in turn has a very positive impact on all aspects of the company in terms of organisation, image and communication.