IT Infrastructures & telecoms


Today, companies are confronted with the digital transformation of their business model and explosive growth in their volume of data and regulatory constraints. They must transform their IT infrastructure to be more competitive, performant, and progressive while offering a better user experience.

Furthermore, new ways of working (nomadism, remote working, collaboration, etc.) and cloud-based applications (unified communications, video conferences, HPC, etc.) increasingly require high availability. Very-high-bandwidth communication networks are a vital digital infrastructure for businesses and individuals.

Telecommunications providers are investing massively in rolling out fixed (FTTx) and mobile (5G) networks to offer these services.

AUSY accompanies businesses and operators with consulting, architecture, and implementing and operating their IT and telecom infrastructures. AUSY’s dedicated offers allow it to leverage its wide range of expertise to be at the heart of current and upcoming transformations in areas such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, networks, systems, data management, and the digital workplace.


As a historical player in IT infrastructure, AUSY has continually adapted to the changes in the sector’s technologies and methods. Based on a complete range of expertise and national solution units, AUSY’s Infrastructure Services & Solutions offer reflects its ability to accompany its clients throughout the process of transforming their IT infrastructure to respond to digital technology and new uses. Find out more


Faced with new challenges brought about by the digital transformation, AUSY accompanies its clients in adapting their software delivery chain with its Run to Agile Operations offer. Whatever the client’s level of maturity, AUSY’s continual improvement approach is co-built with the client to guide them in designing, creating, and optimising a tailored DevOps solution and adopting the DevOps culture. Find out more

Go to cloud

You want to have storage or computing resources available on demand, improve accessibility of your applications, and optimise the costs of your infrastructure. So you need a Cloud transformation – but you also need to ensure your data is secure, guarantee the continuity and quality of your service, expand your network capacity and choose the right provider. AUSY can guide you through every step of your transformation, regardless of your level of maturity. To find out more...


Backed by its expertise in fixed, mobile, and IoT networks, AUSY’s 360° network positioning allows it to offer a comprehensive range of services, from architecture to running your infrastructure and the delivery of services adapted to your organisation. To find out more...

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