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Capitalizing on its extensive experience of software testing, Ausy has set up a dedicated testing center of expertise in France. Its key strength is the skills of its Test Analysts, Test Managers, Test Coaches, Automation Engineers and Pentesters.

The Ausy teams differ significantly from the testers of the past: they are developing in diversified application ecosystems which increasingly include agile, DevOps and security logic.

In this context, Ausy is involved at two levels: 

  • firstly transversely: defining the testing strategy, campaigning to spread good practices and test coaching; and secondly also
  • at project level: running automated and manual tests, and developing standardized tools in a SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) environment: in other words, scaling agility at the enterprise level.

The concept of partnership, or close collaboration with the customer, is essential to move the projects towards more autonomy. Appointing test coaches gives the customer the power to act and the knowledge it needs to use the implemented tools, methods and processes.

The management of both testing and the SAFe reference documentation is itself one of Ausy’s strengths, guaranteeing optimal security, enhanced quality and greater speed. It is also why Ausy was the first digital services company in France to support a major Group in its SAFe transformation project.


Guarantee maintainable, scalable and good-quality code before go-live: Functional Tests and Automation

A well-specified product is a guarantee of a better-quality deliverable.

Ausy goes beyond testing, and supports its customers with the overall project quality from the requirements-specification stage (definition of ready, definition of done). The testing team act as a source of advice and ideas in setting up BDD (Behavior Driven Development). This is an Agile practice that aims to create functional tests using a natural language that everyone understands. The objective is to define structured scenarios with basic tasks that validate the entire user story, thus enabling the teams to work faster.

Similarly, the aim for the test ecosystem is to model the processes and the links between applications, to define the critical paths, and to identify where to place the test effort.

The goal is to be as efficient as possible, and to find answers to the questions:

  • What is it important to test?
  • What is it important to automate?
  • What is it technically possible to automate quickly?
  • How do we manage the risk in relation to the defined requirements?

The testing strategy uses requirements risk management in order to demonstrate that the application, installed in its target environment, complies with specifications.

Ausy thus focuses on implementing suitable methodologies in order to gain efficiency. Our center of excellence teams also support the customer’s development teams as they establish the good practices that ensure good-quality code (unit testing, code review, and continuous integration). For if the code is to be developed and tested easily, it must above all be maintainable.

Ausy takes a proactive approach that extends beyond fault management, and provides the development teams with rapid feedback, allowing them to identify the root causes of anomalies and improve quality.

Our motto is “Test it faster”. Quickening the rhythm of the pre-commissioning tests requires an independent environment that is fully available. Our approach to supporting DevOps means that whenever necessary, we can use customized technical solutions to build available-on-demand test environments and ad-hoc testing tools.

Our teams’ aim is to adapt to the project culture (e.g. development languages) in which they are working. They also endeavour to give the customer teams full autonomy over the implemented solutions. To do so, developers within the testing center of excellence can develop specific keywords (Robot Framework) if necessary.

In 2017, Ausy agreed a partnership with the Nice start-up Avencod, to implement the first IT functional testing platform, “Talents@work”, based on the talents of those with Asperger’s syndrome.


Ensure efficient software via high levels of expertise and commitment: performance tests

Looking for the cause of a performance problem is rather like looking for a needle in a haystack. We have a methodology for assessing performance tests and tools and use APM (Application Performance Monitoring) so we can work as quickly as possible.

The center of excellence’s activity is not restricted to launching a test but also includes working on complex approaches to assess and improve performance. In addition, architects are involved from the outset of a project so that we can contribute ideas and advice to the design.

Where appropriate, we carry out causal analysis of the production environments to investigate performance problems, using tools and resources from specialist partners.


Assess the security of your IS and your resources for responding to an attack: pentests

Our White Hackers audit platforms and look for vulnerabilities from outside, in “black box” mode. With the customer’s written agreement, they define the scope in order to act ethically and legally. Ausy undertakes to provide an audit report with suggested intrusion scenarios and recommendations, and to present different routes to improvement. The audits are conducted with consideration for the customer’s staff and the physical and logical infrastructures. Their findings and observations are factual, based on evidence and communicated in compliance with the confidentiality clauses defined in the audit agreement signed with the customer.


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