Product & process engineering


AUSY is a major player in mechanical engineering, specifically in the field of aeronautics, and is able to offer a comprehensive facility as well as a network of design offices in France, Germany, India and the United States. AUSY is involved in all mechanical processes from mechanical design (CAE) to structural analysis and stress analysis to dimensioning, as well as R&D of materials (metals/composites) and product design. AUSY is a recognised leader in the design of aircraft cabins and F&DT (Fatigue and Damage Tolerance) studies. The Group also possesses a high level of expertise in mechanical specialties such as F&DT or Jigs & Tools design (used to equip an industrial manufacturing line). In July 2013, AUSY set up a new mechanical design office in the United States to accompany Airbus in the development of A320 NEO final assembly lines in Mobile, Alabama. 

Capacity of intervention

AUSY is involved in both local projects and large-scale projects that require a transnational organisation.

Structure and dimensioning
structure et dimensionnement

Our involvement in computation covers all development stages, from pre-dimensioning to justification, from the drafting of certification documents to series support.

Our engineers analyse the resistance of structures for static loading and perform fatigue and damage tolerance studies. 

Our core competence areas allow us to be involved in all simulation issues such as vibration analysis, non-linear computations, thermomechanical computations and fast dynamics. 


F et DT

AUSY draws on its strong expertise in fatigue to justify the lifetime and the damage tolerance of an aeroplane and its components, and to analyse the crack propagation and the residual strength. AUSY also carefully monitors test cells to compile results and to correlate them with computations. AUSY masters the methodologies and tools of each aircraft manufacturer and lends its expertise to other industries.

At our F&TD training centre in TEAC (Toulouse Elan-AUSY Centre), our engineers receive training on this specific profession, on both theoretical foundations and tools employed by our clients. 


Cabin design

AUSY is a European leader in the design of secondary structures (aircraft fairing, electronic equipment) specifically in metals and composites for cabin interior design, conversion or the modification of an aircraft cabin:

Design and 3D modelling, including the development of specifications and manufacturing documents

Definition of supports for the installation of this equipment 


R&D of composite materials
matériaux composites

Our teams’ consolidated experience in materials engineering and computation allows them to analyse and optimise the specific behaviours of composites while capitalising on their positive features: lightweight, strong mechanical and chemical resistance, low maintenance, shape. Our involvement is particularly focused on GLARE (GLAss-REinforced) and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic). 

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