Digital & information technologies

Information systems, and more broadly digital technology, has been an important activity sector of the Group for a long time.
AUSY is involved in major business sectors and technologies in the information systems field. The Group is specifically involved in the preliminary stages of analysis and consulting, in process or activity management and in application development, including mobility and touch-screen technology. AUSY is able to offer its clients solutions with a global value to help them succeed in their projects, from developing a digital transformation strategy and a governance process to ergonomics and design, right up to the implementation and maintenance phases. AUSY has a completely industrialised delivery organisation with operational platforms using technologies like JAVA, .NET, PHP/DRUPAL, SYMFONY and more. For nearly ten years, AUSY has employed agile methods, utilising practices and processes that ensure high value is delivered to the end user more quickly and efficiently. 
Agilité AUSY

AUSY has promoted Agility for more than ten years, offering an agile delivery capacity and helping its clients make a smooth transition to agility from start to finish while preserving the client’s legacy.  With its partners, AUSY has created an agile ecosystem to propose a range of services, from extreme programming (XP) to management 3.0 coaching. Click here to learn more

AUSY Touch
AUSY Touch

In the field of large touchscreen engineering, AUSY implements tailor-made solutions, with strong adaptation in terms of business usage, design (UI) and ergonomics (UX). AUSY offers two standard frameworks: intuitive and touchscreen data navigation and visualisation (DataViz) and geo-localised data visualisation on a map background (GéoViz) as well as a collaborative multi-user, multi-support and multi-site solution (TeamViz). Click here to learn more

Big Data
Big data

As the result of a dynamic of ambitious development, the Big Data service offer from AUSY is one of the main pillars of the digital activities outreach strategy of the group and is resolutely turned towards innovation. The mastery of Big Data concepts and technologies of our teams and our dedicated national centre of expertise allows us to undertake, especially with our major client accounts, critical projects throughout the entirety of the data evaluation process. Click here to learn more


In order to address the new challenges our clients face regarding prevention, detection and responsiveness in case of attack, AUSY has developed its cyber-security service offer. Thanks to its impressive community of cyber-security and digital specialists, AUSY has positioned itself equally well on long-term consulting and support and on building innovative security solutions. Click here to learn more

Digital creation and transformation

AUSY has positioned itself well on all subjects related to the digital transformation of businesses: cloud hosting, networks, digital platforms, mobility, user experience (UX) and natural interfaces, mobiles and connected devices. Our industrial capacity has made it possible for us to connect the flexibility of a web agency with engineering know-how in order to integrate innovations and operate different technologies that make up the digital experience together. Click here to learn more


AUSY is a European leader in the implementation of Drupal solutions, partner of Acquia and co-developer of the platform since its arrival on the market. AUSY has set up a unique expertise centre that combines performance, reactivity and innovation for the implementation and management of websites particularly in multi-site environments (more than 800) and multilingual and multicultural contexts. Click here to learn more


User interface (UI) ergonomics is a key expertise for successful interfaces, including those concerning websites and portals for the general public. AUSY provides added value for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of applications and increasing user satisfaction. Click here to learn more

Function points
Points de fonction

AUSY has a large capacity, unique in Europe, for carrying out function point analysis in industrial software as well as information systems. With this ability, AUSY supports the largest organisations in the direction of their choice in IT development. Click here to learn more


As part of our work in Mobility, AUSY operates on all devices and mobile systems on the market (iOS, Android, Windows, Rim, etc.). Today, AUSY is developing its expertise in the world of responsive design and multi-target applications. Click here to learn more

Software testing
software testing - welcome to the 21st century testing

Capitalizing on its extensive experience of software testing, Ausy has set up a dedicated Testing Expertise Centre (TEC) in France. Its key strength is the skills of its Test Analysts, Test Managers, Coachs Test, Automation Engineers and Pentesters, all certified by the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board)Click here to learn more

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