Embedded systems & industrial applications


Through its own infrastructure, AUSY also takes on projects (embedded sub-assemblies, electronic systems, test tools) from defining the need to the industrialisation file, and delivers prototypes or preproduction runs for its industrial and public clients in the telecoms, space, healthcare, energy, transport, aeronautics, and defence sectors. The joint venture signed with Lacroix Electronics, which has factories in France and abroad, helps complete our offer by integrating the mass production of the sub-assemblies that we develop. This unique solution is an alternative on the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market as the products developed are based on the expression of the needs of the customer, who remains the owner of the definition file and the industrial file.


AUSY has also established an electronic engineering structure at three sites in France. This organisation is capable of developing SW/HW components or complex sub-assemblies. Click here to learn more

Embedded systems

Over 15 years, AUSY has built its offer around life-critical software, and this has become its core business. To this, we add our hardware expertise from electronics development to mechanical design while mastering the constraints of integration and qualification. The combination of these three major engineering professions allow us to develop and qualify complete pieces of hardware. Click here to learn more

Test, trial and measurement benches
bancs de tests

AUSY also intervenes throughout the industrial test bench life cycle and also offers turnkey solutions including the maintenance of new products, whether the redevelopment of software sub-systems or hardware for aging or obsolete products. Click here to learn more


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