Function Point Analysis

The AUSY “Function Points” centre of expertise has operated for more than 15 years. It brings together multiple experts and consultants who received training through courses with AUSY University. It is now possible to take advantage of the different tools and methods shared by our consultants while performing services and internally conducted studies (measurement guides, a catalogue that defines measures and methods offered by AUSY, method extensions, etc.). It is an opportunity for plenty of dialogue between our consultants, and it makes it possible for all services to be supervised.

All of our consultants have a significant amount of field experience in managing and steering projects, which has given them an indispensable, concrete approach when understanding client problems. Many of them are active members of ASSEMI (Association pour l’Etude des Métriques Informatiques). 

Our team :

  •         More than 10 consultants
  •         6 experts recognised in the field
  •         10 consultants trained by AUSY, possessing impressive field experience.

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The function point method makes it possible to measure the functional size of an application or an IT project independent of technical or organisational aspects. It offers an objective and normalised metric of the functional size of software. It is based on a logical vision of data and processing delivered to the user. It offers a consistent and reproducible measurement method throughout the software’s lifespan.

In France, different organisations use function points. Each company implements this approach for different reasons: an objective estimation method, performance analysis, process fluidity, communication on IT activity, benchmarking, contracting and more.

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The three principal ways of using the method are:

The function point can be used very early in the life cycle of a project (from the master plan). It can estimate the cost or the amount of work needed for a management project, integration of a business software package or a maintenance activity. It makes it possible to compare scenarios or to evaluate solution coverage. The measure can be taken at all steps of the project. 

The function point is a stable and objective metric. It allows for performance analysis, comparisons (benchmarking) and following up on improvement plans. Based on an ISO standard and recognised by international bodies, function points are increasingly used on a contractual basis in relationships between computing service providers and their clients. It makes it possible to control maintenance costs while bringing means for optimizing the company’s range of applications.

Enhanced visibility of IT activity
The function point provides a detailed collection of components made available to users, independent of organisational and technical computing constraints, and is thus shareable. This can be a common language between users and programmers during arbitration before or during projects in order to decide what to make, buy, divide and prioritise. It also enables a Chief Information Officer or R&D software unit software to communicate about activities. 

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AUSY's "Function Points" Offer:


Do you already use the method : AUSY provides any necessary assistance on specific subjects (training, monitoring, defining prices, validations) or reinforcement at peak times (developing prices and budgets).  

Interested in launching the method : AUSY helps you in implementing the organisation and processes, defining outcomes and putting together awareness and training campaigns.

Want to test the method : AUSY can offer a rapid test in less than two months, presenting you with different possibilities of what the method can bring to a sample of projects.

Do you have a specific, individual issue to address, such as estimating a budget, negotiating prices on a commercial offer, choosing a functional solution, optimising development, etc. : AUSY will perform an assessment of your activities while providing you with a functional, objective and reliable vision for making the best decisions possible.



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