Energy and Environmental Engineering


AUSY’s expertise covers the three main Energy sectors i.e. Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy, which is key to changing the current energy landscape. Our experts are involved in all EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) phases, and our wage portage scheme (based in Switzerland) means we can meet our customers’ needs on intentional projects.

AUSY set up design offices that are sources of expertise in the field and especially in nuclear safety and nuclear engineering (Neutronics, Criticality, Thermohydraulics). 


AUSY is involved in all stages of the life of a nuclear facility thanks to its expertise in nuclear engineering (thermohydraulics, neutronics, criticality and CFD), the design, operation and management of PWRs, risk management (safety, security and radiation protection), installing equipment (general and electrical installations), as well as civil engineering (reinforced concrete and metal framework calculations). Thanks to its expertise AUSY’s design offices, which have been operating for several years, have become a recognised benchmark in this area. Find out more


Oil & Gas

AUSY helps its customers size onshore and offshore production facilities thanks to its expertise in process engineering, naval architecture (hydrodynamics) and structural analysis. Our expertise in risk management and fire safety means that we can work on large-scale projects e.g. securing facilities to ensure the protection of the staff and the environment. Find out more



Renewable Energies

AUSY is involved in innovative projects enabling the development of new forms of energy (potential studies, engineering, construction, commissioning, Guarantees of Perfect Completion). AUSY has also chosen to support the development of the wind and photovoltaic sectors by offering a range of bespoke services. Find out more



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