Embedded systems

Uniting our professions into a systems approach

Today, in addition to developing hardware and offering definition files that comply with our clients’ needs and specifications, they ask us to accompany them in the industrialisation, production, and maintenance phases for their products to keep them in good operational maintenance. Our packaged offers use a systems approach with a “Build to Spec” process to accompany their hardware throughout its life cycle to keep it in good operational maintenance for 20 years with the support of our network of partners, including the historical EMS Lacroix Electronics. Our know-how lies in systems definition and electronic, mechanical, and software design. We manage the production of circuit boards, and we rely on key players in the domain whose hardware and infrastructure are perfectly qualified.

listing of our main competences in electronics, software, mechanics, qualification, test benches, industrialization and production (addressed by the Joint Venture AUSY LACROIX) and maintenance in operational condition

Our different operation methods

Initially, AUSY operated exclusively as a Technical Assistant by offering its employees’ skills. Today, the trend is to package and manage these skills to optimise costs and performance and capitalise on them to switch from individual skills to company skills.

The first operating method that emerged was On-Demand Electronics. Its principle was to provide AUSY-managed expertise to intervene quickly and temporarily on certain problems. AUSY has established hardware service desks that offer basic recurring activities listed in a catalogue, such as refining boards, reliability calculations, feature design, entering diagrams, environmental tests, and monitoring and processing obsolescence.

The second operation method is intended for manufacturers who wish to outsource complete sub-assemblies of their own systems. We offer them fixed-price contracts for development (with commitments on cost, quality, and lead times) for field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and circuit boards based on specifications that are refined and qualified. We rely on a network of certified partners chosen for their technical abilities, their capacity for medium-term commitments, their market position, and their certifications. We call on them for placement/routing, to provide resources for environmental tests, and to manufacture prototypes.

The third method of operation is “Build To Spec” from design to maintenance. It meets a growing demand from certain manufacturers to rationalise their responsibilities by dealing with a sole supplier. The AUSY-Lacroix joint venture designs and produces hardware in France and abroad and guarantees its full life cycle, including maintenance in operational conditions.


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