Our domains of development

AUSY designs and produces test hardware and resources in a wide variety of domains:

  • Development of embedded circuit boards and systems for the aviation, automotive, rail, and space domains;
  • proofs of concept and prototypes;
  • implementation boards for components under radiation;
  • simulators, development test benches;
  • mechanical and electromechanical test benches;
  • special machines.

AUSY is able to develop complete systems thanks to its clusters of expertise in software and mechanical engineering. In this case, a sole point of contact for the project is appointed to coordinate all the business lines.


Producing circuit boards

AUSY participates in projects that require skills in analogue electronics by installing sensors, acquisition chains, and power production as well as in digital electronics to implement AN and NA coders, microprocessors, programmable components (CPLD and field-programmable gate array (FPGA)) and data transmission (from simple connections such as RS422 to multi-gigabit connections).

In our design offices, our teams have a selection of tools to produce CAD diagrams (ORCAD, Altium, Mentor Graphic, Zuken, Kicad). The placement/routing specification documents needed to produce PCBs are produced internally. Then, our experts accompany our subcontractors who are in charge of these types of production and with whom we work every day to monitor production. This is how AUSY can deliver prototypes or small production runs. For medium or large runs, AUSY relies on its joint venture with LACROIX Electronics who specialises in manufacturing circuit boards for the aerospace and defence industries.

For validation, we participate in the entire climb in the V-model: laboratory validation (performance measurements, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and thermal pre-measurements) and functional validation. We are also in charge of the environmental qualification aspects (EMC, thermals, vibrations) in collaboration with specialist laboratories (EMITECH, LCIE) for whom we draft the test plans. We apply the recommendations specific to the business lines. For aeronautics projects, for example, we apply the recommendations related to DO-160.


Programmable components production

AUSY also develops CPLD and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) programmable components for the XILINX, ALTERLA (INTEL), and MICROSEMI brands in VHDL or VERILOG. For this, our DOs use the tools ISE, Modelsim, VIVADO, Intel Quartus Prime and Libero. To meet most of your needs, we participate in all project stages (specifications, architecture definition, design, simulation, integration, target testing and validation with physical tests on boards and/or test benches). AUSY can take on all of the development, including preparing certification reviews for critical DO-254 developments.

Our skills allow us to work on a variety of sizes of components whether or not they integrate SOC parts that communicate on AXI buses. We also develop and integrate IP.


Embedded software production

AUSY is highly skilled in designing and developing through to validation critical embedded systems of varying complexities that are suitable for aviation, automobile, railway, and space constraints.

Most developments are made primarily in Linux and Windows environments using the C, C++, and Java programming languages on diverse targets such as TI tms320c6748, NXP P2020, and SoC ARM.


A user-driven organisation

Our skills allow us to take part in the entire project development cycle and accompany our clients, whatever their needs. This advice can be provided at the start of a project by helping to clarify needs, conducting feasibility studies, estimating costs, or defining an architecture. We can also provide help in one or more development phases such as systems specifications, preliminary, design and development studies, and manufacturing and validating prototypes.

Development cycle of an electronic project

We also perform activities related to dependability (RAMS/safety analyses) and maintenance through obsolescence management.

Project development always entails drafting the documents needed to verify requirements upstream. This is inspected throughout the project through the project traceability matrix. For aeronautics projects, for example, we apply DO-254 standards.

Quality engineers are involved every step of the way to guarantee that our commitments are respected and that the developed hardware is compliant (to find out more, learn about all our certifications)

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