DRUPAL is an open-source content management system and development framework (CMF) that combines the unique capacity of integrating various services with the power of open-source. With a community of more than one million members and 38,000 developers, DRUPAL is the most popular open-source CMF among major companies worldwide. It already powers more than a million websites, including the following: OUI.sncfLe gouvernementThe White House, bnpparibas, France Télévisions...

AUSY: the largest DRUPAL team in Europe 

Thanks to its subsidiary, AUSY, a Randstad company, (a DRUPAL leader in Belux, and the rapid roll-out of its DRUPAL activities in France and Germany, AUSY has the largest DRUPAL workforce in Europe. It is able to lead major digital transformation projects and provide DRUPAL expertise and solutions to its clients located nearby.
AUSY contributes and provides maintenance to more than 200 modules: Paddle Incoming RSS, Checkbox auto create, LISSA Kickstart, Panda, Graceful Menu Cache...

Since 2006, AUSY has been strongly committed to the DRUPAL community and involved in DRUPAL developments. The Group is a firm sponsor: its teams regularly organise DRUPAL events, take part in conferences and actively promote DRUPAL.

ICF Mostra is the European specialist in digital communication for institutions and governmental organisations. In 2014, ICF Mostra was shortlisted for the Digital Communication Awards for the new phase of the Generation Awake campaign, “The Awakeners”, in the “Institutions” category.

AUSY and ICF Mostra jointly lead one of the greatest digital transformation projects in Europe, a project for the European Commission through the NovaComm consortium.

Together, ICF Mostra and AUSY propose an end-to-end solution for national and international organisations, from developing digital strategies to implementing large-scale unified digital platforms. 

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