Digital Transformation

Offering a digital experience, as well as a valuable client experience, implies covering all problems found in the digital world. AUSY provides experience and expertise while supporting you with an end-to-end solution for addressing all digital challenges.

AUSY brings enthusiasm for research and innovation and dedication to your digital strategy

Thanks to its R&D activities, its IT experts and young engineers, true hotbeds of innovation, AUSY has become a rising key actor in the digital revolution.

Our ambition is to invent the future with you

Sharing knowledge helps new ideas bloom. Technology evolution offers us new creation spaces. We support you while specifying your types of use through designing the POC (Proof of concept).


An approach that gives priority to the cloud, the touchstone of your digital transformation, offers you the agility and flexibility that you need. AUSY supports its clients from creating a strategy to managing a cloud environment, whether private, public or hybrid, in PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode.

Virtualisation technologies are at the heart of engineering and constructing data farms, Cloud Computing solutions and, more generally, mutualisation solutions and IT resource sharing. For many years, AUSY specialists have supported their clients in bringing the flexibility, scalability and availability of IT infrastructures required in digitalised organisations. 

Engineering and network deployment is one of AUSY’s fields of excellence: mobiles, landlines or proprietary business networks, and more recently new generations of IoT networks (LoRA, SIGFOX, etc.). AUSY uses its expertise on steering regulatory and technical aspects simultaneously, on managing different business bodies, on architecture, the design, the construction and maintenance of different network bricks.


Modern digital platforms make it possible to unify, integrate and inter-operate digital services and content. The technology implemented are varied, based on CMS (Ezpublish, Drupal, Typo3, etc.), e-commerce solutions (Drupal Commerce, Magento, Hybris, etc.) or framework (.NET, Symfony, etc.) and software (DMP, CRM, GED, etc.).
AUSY is the first DRUPAL workforce in Europe.

Mobility revolutionises use. Users, whether clients or collaborators, expect to have access to everything, anywhere, at their fingertips. AUSY has the industrial capacity to design and deploy native (iOS, Android, Microsoft Phone) or cross-platform (Xamarin, etc.) applications.

The explosion of the volume of data was the genesis of Big Data. Throughout data management, Big Data responds to problems such as processing huge amounts of data, the large variety of information as well as the collection and sharing of data in addition to their advanced visualisation.


User experience (UX) is at the heart of the digital transformation. AUSY supports its clients by offering methodologies that have been proven and validated in the UI field, relying on a user-centred design approach, open design, design thinking and leanUX.

Faced with the proliferation of communication supports, we design adaptive interfaces of which the content and interaction style are optimised according to the dimensions of the used screen. The graphic universes are constructed according to each different business environment (functions/users). From the smartphone to the video wall, we can offer you effective, efficient and satisfactory applications

Our ergonomic and designer teams are eager to share this experience and are ready to advise you. No matter the culture, disadvantage, stance or security, we create adaptive interfaces tailored to each work environment and each company. 


AUSY brings embedded software, firmware and hardware to devices and mobile platforms to the largest operators and manufacturers on the market.


From design to engineering in wearable computing, for sensor equipment and systems, from software implementation to system integration including mechanical design, we support our clients in developing digital products for the present and the future. 

Connected devices are one of the major challenges for the service, transportation and especially energy industries. AUSY supports a number of key players in the market through R&D, developing and deploying the latest generation of connected systems.


Faced with increased threats (cyberattacks, data theft, etc.), cyber-security, an indispensable part of the digital transformation, has become a strategic priority for the present. Our cyber-security service offer covers end-to-end IT and industrial systems. Our security audits make it possible for us to quickly gauge the vulnerability of your applications and systems. AUSY advises you and supports you in implementing and improving your security applications and certifying your organization. We support all your surveillance, detection, alert and security reporting operations through a managed platform. An on-demand expert intervention service is available to handle your needs and security.


AUSY has developed a true Agile ecosystem, built over the years with a diverse array of partners, in order to offer a unique range of services concerning agility. AUSY has gained significant experience in setting up and managing multi-site and transnational Agile projects

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