In the last several years, the security context has evolved, partly because pirating has become more professional, but also because businesses have become more open with the outside world. This makes it easier to attack any Internet-connected business, no matter their location.

Meanwhile, attacks have surged to a level that has never been seen before. These attacks are more targeted and sophisticated than ever.

Although 90% of businesses have set up security equipment in order to protect their IT infrastructure, 75% of these businesses have already suffered or will suffer a cyber-attack. These attacks could cause a public relations nightmare, proving to be disastrous for their image and their business.
Inappropriate use of Information Systems, advanced persistent threats (APT) or viruses can result in a release of sensitive information or an IT infrastructure crash. This aspect will be highlighted more and more, especially with the increasing availability of connected devices.

Our Cyber-Security Offer

AUSY has designed an offer that is adaptable to your needs and budget.
We offer four types of services. According to your preferences, these services can be combined and adjusted over time:
- Cyber-security audit in order to determine the vulnerability of your applications.
- A consulting and support approach that brings you the right expertise at the right time. This occurs at all points of your security certification cycle, as well as in the management of your security arrangements.
- A range of dedicated and specialised services concerning surveillance and monitoring solutions. Their purpose is to detect, alert and react as quickly as possible in case of attack via a managed security platform.
- Security services upon request, offering a catalogue of interventions that one can launch by simply requesting it. These services can be contracted individually or pre-ordered by batches or service packs, or even covered under a larger long-term contract framework.

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