Big Data

Big Data at the core of the AUSY strategy
Over the last twenty years, considering that the quantity of produced digital data has increased and their sources and typologies have diversified, companies’ interests in these potential mines of information have not ceased in developing. The digital transformation, with the advent of user-centric approaches and the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), has only accelerated this trend, so much so that today data are major resources of economic and competitive development for businesses.
In order to generate, store and understand the major groups of heterogeneous data constantly being produced, a vast technological ecosystem called Big Data has been developed. After many years of demonstrator development projects, Proofs of Concept (POC) and prototypes, the technologies and tools that make up the ecosystem are now robust and mature. The market has entered an industrial deployment phase.
Client knowledge, process optimisation, service creation, medical research…the applications seem nearly unlimited and, in all sectors, data value creation has begun. Big Data has thus caused the evolution of business models and consumption habits at a speed previously unequaled. Big Data also brings, for businesses, a good number of new challenges in terms of organisation, legal (GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation) and technology, of which the resolution will be structured for the success of their Big Data projects.
Our Big Data Offering
AUSY has designed a complete service offering to allow you to rise to these challenges and to lead your Big Data projects effectively.
Based principally on our national centre of expertise dedicated to our Big Data activities and on the skills and experience feedback from our expert network, four types of service have been set up:
Big Data
  • A consulting approach in order to share with you the cultural, technical, methodological and organizational knowledge necessary to the success of your Big Data projects, and to guide you in your technological and strategic choices;
  • A complete service range, to take over end-to-end activities of your Big Data development cycle;
  • An expert intervention service to respond to specific analysis and data processing problems, information reporting and securing of your systems, requiring precise expertise in certain Big Data domains (Machine Learning, Streaming, Data Visualization, etc);
  • The implementation of a dedicated and proven organisation to provide mid and long-term support and carry out all or part of your Big Data project.
Capable of evolving and adapting according to your needs, these services will allow you to optimise the created value based on your data.
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