The integration of our consultants is a top priority. The AUSY Personal Way programme was created for this purpose. This 3-step induction process allows AUSY employees access to the same information, and is the opportunity for them to understand their environment and get to know their counterparts and the different players in the Group. The following image represents the induction process:

Integration UK

Consultants have three points of contact:

A manager, who is responsible for the consultants’ career development. He allocates projects according to skills and monitors the consultants’ career (regular interviews, annual interviews).

A site facilitator, a privileged contact for all daily questions. There is no hierarchical relationship between the site facilitator and the consultant. He is also in charge of facilitating the integration of newcomers and developing relationships between AUSY consultants working at the same client premises. 

An HR Coordinator, with whom there is also no hierarchical relationship, ensures effective coordination and communication among all employees and those in support functions. He ensures that the consultants are being monitored correctly and strives to provide them with a clear vision of their career development. He regularly organises social events, thus strengthening ties to the Group. These events are often a great opportunity to better get to know other teams, management and the DHR. The aim is to provide a friendly and relaxing environment. 

Together the above players ensure a close follow-up of consultants, which in turn allows them to continuously measure employee satisfaction. They are responsible for strengthening social ties within the Group.